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“Increasing female athleticism represents a genuine quest by women for equality, control of their own bodies, and self-definition, and as such represents a challenge to the ideological basis of male domination”(qtd. Messener). Through countless times of reading my chosen blogs content, I find that Amy’s blog, “The Price of Dominance,” versus Danica’s blog on the Olympic athletes diets and workouts, benefited me more by informing me of the events happening in the Olympics with women’s sports. It is more relatable to my group’s topic on gender limits in sports. 

 In my first blog that I found, “The Price of Dominance,” Amy talks about how women’s hockey along with softball has been cut from the Olympics: for what reason other than dominance. She brings up questions that pretty much match my groups topic perfectly. Why are we so bothered by women dominating in sports? At the beginning of this blog we are able to see a picture of the U.S. women’s hockey team celebrating. They look as if they are shouting about ready to pile on each other after a win. Amy’s blog deals with issues on the Olympics. Women’s hockey and women’s softball have both been cut off from the Olympic games. The women’s hockey team dominates their opponents, both the U.S.A team and the Canadian team. People see this as unfair. Why is this unfair though? Most people say that it takes the fun out of the sport, that there is no fun in knowing who is going to win the game before the game even starts. Do we not strive as individuals to be better than everybody else? Also, where do we read or hear about a male sport being cancelled or not allowed in the olympics or anywhere else for that matter as a result of being to dominate? If this was men’s basketball nobody would mind because we would get to see fancy dunks and tricks. It seems to me that we cannot be satisfied. People never seem to think that women are up to par with men in sports, but when they are and they are dominate we are upset because no it is no fun to watch anymore they are “too good”. ”However, optimistic predictions that women’s into sports signals an imminent demise of inequalities between the sexes are premature. As Willis argues, what matters most is not simply how and why the gap between male and female athletic performance is created, enlarged, or constricted; what is of more fundamental concern “is the manner in which this gap is understood and taken into proper consciousness of our society”(qtd. Messener). This blog was very insightful to me; though it was not very long at all to say the least, it still was able to inform me of somethings going on in the Olympic world that I had no clue about. She is also able to use a statistic about the Canadian womens hockey team and U.S. women’s hockey team to show just how dominant they are; this I had no clue of whatsoever. In the blog you get a sense of her personal opinion as well when you get to the middle and she starts to pose questions and putting out her theory that people are threatened by the women dominating in a sport or that we are just not ready to accept it.

The second blog I came across is written by a women of the name Danica. This blog is very different from the first one, here everything is set up in a nice and centered format she used pictures and videos very effectively which helps me a lot. She also puts herself into this blog post more. We are able to find out how much she loves sports and working out(running).Danica’s blog was more informative to me. Her use of videos help you grasp so much, she talks about Olympic athletes workouts and diet tips. After reading her first caption from above, below there is a video waiting on you, after each and every one of her comments you are about to find a video or something. When you watch one of these videos you can a true sense of what an athlete goes through training wise as well as eating right to. I even tried to do some of these exercises and, well, it did not work out for me as well as it did for the athlete in the video. I got a sense of their determination and dedication to make themselves better each and every day no matter what. We do not seem to realize how hard their daily lives must be. A main reason I liked this one so much was because she uses both male and female perspectives and ideas, it really shows us the equality and how much that these Olympic athletes and all athletes for that matter are very similar. Through research in the article females have made the step towards of the quest of pushing the male dominance reign in the sports world, the image of the female and her body as become a challenge for the social opinion(qtd. Messener 198). The difference with this blog than that of the first blog is for starters the first one is more informative and a very good source for my paper. It also used videos and pictures more effectively. A similarity with these two blogs though is that they both fit our topic so well and they have relevant links to their sites that support their cause, you are able to click on them and further read to understand not only their stand on their issues but other peoples’ as well.

All in all from all my research and and reading others opinions from their blogs, I still come to one thing, what is wrong with dominance? Why would people not want their team to win every game, this proves that you are the best at what you do. Also, for the other teams it has an impact on them as well, a positive one. What do you think runs through their minds after the defeat? I can almost certainly say they are not sulking about it, they are training and working ten times harder so that they can come back and make sure it does not happen again. All athletes want to play against the best because if they defeat the best it means they are best, no one wants a sport or a team for that matter to get disqualified or cut. If that happens what is so fulfilling about the win if you did not play with the best, or better yet what is so great about disqualifying a sport because of to much dominance?

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    Hey! I thought you had very intersting points and I really think that you got your comments about the Olympics across well. :) Thanks for using my post and I hope it was helpful. I’m glad it was easy to understand!

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    Thank you very much! Your blog was very useful to me!

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